Glorious Mysteries Paintings

Glorious Mysteries Paintings34

Free public domain paintings of the glorious mysteries. Including free paintings from the Resurrection, the Ascension, Pentecost, the Assumption, and the Coronation.

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Hours of Charles the Noble, King of Navarre (1361-1425): fol. 137v, Pentecost (1405) by Master of the Brussels Initials and Associates - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

Details: This precious volume was obviously highly prized by its owner, the French-born King of Navarre, who had his coat of arms painted on no less than twenty folios. Rather than directly commissioning this manuscript from a specific workshop, it seems that Charles the Noble acquired his book of hours...

Assumption of the Virgin (16th century) by Marcellus Coffermans - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: Assumption, in Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic theology, the notion or (in Roman Catholicism) the doctrine that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken (assumed) into heaven, body and soul, following the end of her life on Earth. There is no mention of the Assumption in the New Testament,...

Christ and St Mary Magdalen at the Tomb (1606-1669) by Rembrandt van Rijn - Public Domain Bible Painting

Description0:00/2:331×Details: Christ and St Mary Magdalen at the Tomb' reveals how imaginatively Rembrandt could interpret traditional religious subject-matter. The scriptural source for this scene is the Gospel of St John (20:11-18), who describes in some detail the burial and subsequent resurrection of Christ following...

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