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Public domain Catholic paintings of Jesus Christ.

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The Virgin with Christ Child enthroned with Saints Peter, Francis, Dominic and John the Baptist; above, the Resurrection of Christ - 1800s Chromolithograph by L. Gruner after G. Sanzio - Public Domain Catholic Painting

This is a chromolithograph from the 1800s, depicting the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child enthroned, accompanied by Saints Peter, Francis, Dominic, and John the Baptist. Additionally, the image features the Resurrection of Christ above. A chromolithograph is a color lithograph produced by using multiple stones or plates, each carrying...

Salvator Mundi page in the Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis (Flemish, 1510-1530) - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

About the Image: This is a beautifully detailed page in a Book of Hours, specifically the "Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis." These books, predominantly used during the late Middle Ages into the Renaissance, were Christian devotional books primarily for laypeople. They typically contained prayers, Psalms, and Gospel lessons to...

The Madonna of Humility, the Annunciation, the Nativity, and the Pietà (1465, Italy) by Bartolomeo Vivarini - Public Domain Catholic Painting

About the Image: The Vivarini were a family of Venetian painters whose prolific workshop specialized in large multi-tiered altarpieces for churches throughout the Veneto region. This relatively small triptych was likely intended for private devotion. The kneeling nun, dressed as a member of the Dominican Order, probably represents the patron....

The Appearance of Christ at the Cenacle (Apparition du Christ au cénacle) (1886-1894, France) by James Tissot - Public Domain Catholic Painting

About the Image: Christ appears to his followers at the cenacle, the upper room where they had shared the Last Supper. Exposing his glowing wounds, Jesus reveals himself to them—to their delight and wonder—while the servants who tend the disciples peer through the curtains in astonishment. About the...

Christ on the Cross Adored by Saints Thomas Aquinas and Catherine of Siena (1490, Italy) by Lorenzo d'Alessandro da San Severino - Public Domain Catholic Painting

About the Image: This is a typical example of the two-sided panels carried in fifteenth-century religious processions. Such objects were regularly handled and exposed to the elements. On one side, the theologian Thomas Aquinas and the mystic Catherine of Siena, who holds the heart that Christ gave to her, flank...

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