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Le Voeu de Louis XIII au siège de la Rochelle (The vow of Louis XIII at the siege of La Rochelle) (1628) by Charles-André van Loo - Public Domain Catholic Painting

The image is a painting by Charles-André van Loo, a prominent French painter born in 1705 and who passed away in 1765. Van Loo was known for his works in the Baroque style, characterized by dramatic expression, rich color, and intense light and shadow contrasts. He was a highly regarded...

Saint-Denis Basilica - (From left to right clockwise) Tombs of Bertrand Du Guesclin, Charles VI, Isabeau of Bavaria, Louis de Sancerre, Charles V the Wise, Jeanne de Bourbon (2010) - Catholic Stock Photo

About the Image: This basilica, once a medieval abbey church, is now a cathedral that is historically and architecturally significant as it houses the first structure to utilize all the elements of Gothic architecture, completed in 1144 . The basilica also serves as a necropolis containing the tombs of French kings,...

Hours of Charles the Noble, King of Navarre (1361-1425): fol. 137v, Pentecost (1405) by Master of the Brussels Initials and Associates - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

Details: This precious volume was obviously highly prized by its owner, the French-born King of Navarre, who had his coat of arms painted on no less than twenty folios. Rather than directly commissioning this manuscript from a specific workshop, it seems that Charles the Noble acquired his book of hours...

Leaf from a Book of Hours: Presentation in the Temple with Roundels of the Casting of Lots, the Deposition, and Pietà (None, Office of the Virgin) (1460–1470) by the follower of Master of Adélaïde de Savoie - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

Details: DID YOU KNOW? The images and decorated initials in the book helped users navigate to sections they needed while also offering details to provoke meditation and prayer, leading to books of hours sometimes being referred to as “painted prayers.” DESCRIPTION The style of this miniature, with its oval faces,...

Abaelardus and Heloïse surprised by Master Fulbert by Romanticist painter Jean Vignaud (1819) - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Abelard and Heloise's story is significant in Catholic history because they were both devout Christians. Abelard was a theologian and philosopher who challenged traditional Catholic teachings, while Heloise was famous as the most well-educated and intelligent woman in Paris. They became lovers against her uncle's (Fulbert)...

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