This site is an archive of Catholic imagery.

It is a place where public domain paintings, stock photos, and coloring pages are stored, categorized, and made searchable. Anyone can come here and use the category page in the menu or the search bar to find the perfect Catholic image for their project. Did I mention that all the images are free and creative commons? That means that you won't have to worry about copyright issues or stock photo fees.

Pope with Cardinals Coloring Page (1490–1524)

How about a longer explanation of what this site is and why it exists?

First things first: I created this site because I needed it. I am a book publisher and the vast majority of my books are image-centric. You can see examples of what I mean here.

I looked far and wide to find the images I needed and it was a seriously tedious and brain-numbing task. Not only did it take me dozens (maybe hundreds) of hours, but I also had to categorize all the images and store them on my cloud drive. Then, I had to make sure it was simple to find them when I wanted them. None of this was easy.

The Agony in the Garden (1568-1640) by Giuseppe Cesari

So, I decided to create this website for two main purposes:

  1. To allow Catholics from all over the world to find and download Catholic images for their projects for absolutely free.
  2. To make it super easy for me to continue designing and publishing Catholic prayer books by organizing and storing all the images I've collected.

This is 100% a labor of love. Having a site like this would have saved me so much time—and as we all know, time is money. If it would have saved me time, it will likely help other Catholics as well. So here we are!

Palm Sunday Procession (Virginia, USA)

Of course, there are costs involved in this endeavor. I have to pay for servers and web hosting. Those prices are variable, depending how many people this site ends up helping. That's why I set up a subscription service and a donation page. If you'd like to keep this site free, all you have to do is give a one-time donation or subscribe monthly. I'd really appreciate it, and someone somewhere will benefit from the beauty of the Catholic faith.

Until then,
Godspeed and Stay Holy,


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