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Dome of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Byzantine Catholic Church at Dawn (Virginia Beach, VA, 2024) - Catholic Stock Photo

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Byzantine Catholic Church is located in Virginia Beach, VA, and serves as a parish of the Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian) Eparchy of Passaic, NJ, under the guidance of Bishop Kurt Burnette. The church is led by Pastor Rev. Alex Shuter, with Joseph Bernard serving as Reader...

Veiled Statue in Saint Benedict's Catholic Church (Chesapeake, Virginia) During Good Friday (2024) - Catholic Stock Photo by Shalone Cason

During Lent, especially on Good Friday, veiled statues in Catholic churches symbolize the mourning and reverence for the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. The practice of veiling statues is a tradition that helps Catholics focus on the solemnity and significance of the Lenten season, particularly during Holy Week leading...

The Baptism of Christ by Saint John the Baptist, St. Mary Church, Greenville, South Carolina (photo 2016 by Fr James Bradley) - Catholic Stock Photo

The image shows a stained glass window depicting "The Baptism of Christ by Saint John the Baptist," a religious scene from the New Testament. It captures the moment of Jesus being baptized by John, with the dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit above Jesus. Stained glass windows like this...

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