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Shalone Cason

Christ Carrying the Cross (Panel from an Altarpiece) (1400s, England, Nottingham) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: This panel, most likely one of five narrative scenes representing the Passion of Christ, comes from a now dismembered altarpiece. The central panel was undoubtedly a scene of the Crucifixion. Such carvings in alabaster were frequently painted in vibrant colors with added gilding. The flesh areas of the figures...

Shalone Cason

Ethiopian Prayer Book with Case (Mahdar) 19th century - Ethiopian Orthodox Stock Photo

Details: This leather-bound manuscript is a prayer book written in Gə’ez, the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Its 144 folios features three distinct kinds of ornaments: a single full-page illumination; interlaced borders (haräg); and textual ornament, including punctuation marks and headers. The full-page illumination on folio 1v...

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