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Baptism of Christ Statue (Interior of Saint James the Apostle church in Szomód, Hungary, 2020) by Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs - Catholic Stock Photo

About the Image: This is a captivating representation of the "Baptism of Christ," housed in the Saint James the Apostle church in Szomód. The sculptural piece captures the moment when Jesus Christ is baptized by John the Baptist. Looking closely at the artwork, we can observe a few...

Statue of Saint Joseph with Jesus (2014, Hotel del Convento, Miranda de Ebro, Spain) by Jebulon - Catholic Stock Photo

About the Image: In the peaceful grounds of Hotel del Convento, a white statue of Saint Joseph and the child Jesus stands prominently. Joseph, portrayed with a protective demeanor, holds lilies in one hand symbolizing his purity and union with the Virgin Mary. Beside him, the young Jesus clutches Joseph&...

Diptych with the Coronation of the Virgin and the Last Judgment (1260–1270, French) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: Intended for the private contemplation and devotion of its owner, this palm-size ivory diptych illustrates both the reward of salvation and the consequence of damnation. The left wing represents the Coronation of the Virgin. At the bottom a retinue of the saved souls, including a mendicant friar, a king,...

Monstrance on the Altar (Eucharistic Adoration) at Holy Spirit Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: Eucharistic adoration is a Eucharistic devotional practice primarily in Western Catholicism in which the Blessed Sacrament is adored by the faithful. Wikipedia 🙏🏽This image is in the public domain. Free Download DSCF0982.jpeg 4 MB download-circle Please Subscribe or Donate to Help Keep This Site Free!...

Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ at the Church of Saint Agatha (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: North Rhine-Westphalia commonly shortened to NRW, is a state in Western Germany. With more than 18 million inhabitants, it is the most populous state of Germany. Apart from the city-states, it is also the most densely populated state in Germany. Covering an area of 34,084 square kilometres (13,...

Christ Carrying the Cross (Panel from an Altarpiece) (1400s, England, Nottingham) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: This panel, most likely one of five narrative scenes representing the Passion of Christ, comes from a now dismembered altarpiece. The central panel was undoubtedly a scene of the Crucifixion. Such carvings in alabaster were frequently painted in vibrant colors with added gilding. The flesh areas of the figures...

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