Virgin Mary Stock Photos

Virgin Mary Stock Photos53

Free downloadable Catholic stock photos of the Virgin Mary.

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Our Lady of Lourdes Stained Glass Window (2016) by Fr James Bradley - Catholic Stock Photo

About the Image: This stained glass window is a vivid representation of the Virgin Mary, which is commonly found in Catholic churches. The technique of stained glass artistry dates back to the early medieval period, with significant developments during the Gothic period, and remains a staple in ecclesiastical decoration. The...

Education of the Virgin (1700) by Giuseppe Mazzuoli - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: During the Counter-Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church increasingly upheld Saint Anne, the Virgin Mary’s mother, as an example of virtuous motherhood, particularly in emphasizing her daughter’s religious education. Its graceful composition also connects to the idealized, elegant work of Guido Reni. Source 🙏🏽This image is in the...

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