Catholic Antique Stock Photo

Catholic Antique Stock Photo78

Free to use stock images of antique Catholic items created hundreds of years ago such as: statues, holy books, chalices, crosses, and more.

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Shalone Cason

Plaque: Seated Prophet from a Reliquary Shrine (1170-1180, Germany) - Catholic Stock Photo

0:00/0:191×Details:Once used as decorations for a reliquary shrine, each enamel plaque represents a biblical prophet: Isaiah, Zacharias, Elisha, and Hosea. Fine gold dots punctuate dark blue backgrounds. Typical of Hildesheim enamels, this detailing creates the illusion that the prophets sit against star-studded twilight skies....

Shalone Cason

Book of Hours of Queen Isabella the Catholic Queen of Spain (1500) by Master of the First Prayerbook of Maximillian and Associates - Catholic Stock Photo

Details:The original owner of this exquisite book of hours was Queen Isabella of Spain, who sponsored Christopher Columbus's exploratory voyage to the Americas. Eventually this book found its way to the New World and was acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art in 1963. Isabella’s book of hours...

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