Catholic Antique Stock Photo

Catholic Antique Stock Photo156

Free to use stock images of antique Catholic items created hundreds of years ago such as: statues, holy books, chalices, crosses, and more.

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Plaque with the Journey to Emmaus and Noli Me Tangere (1115–1120, Spanish) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: According to the Gospels, Jesus appeared to his disciples several times after the Resurrection, including on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. In the encounter, represented at the top of this plaque, the disciples lament the Crucifixion, while Jesus explains the redemptive nature of his sacrifice. Below, Jesus appears...

Virgin and Child ("The Virgin of Iviron") with Saints Demetrius and Hannah by Ivan Filippovich Tarabrov (1899-1908) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: This icon repeats a copy, ordered in 1647 and brought to Moscow the following year, of a much older, miracle-working image from the Georgian Monastery of Iveron, on Mount Athos, Greece (hence the name "Iverskaya", i.e. "of Iveron"). This copy was subsequently installed in a special chapel built...

Diptych with the Coronation of the Virgin and the Last Judgment (1260–1270, French) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: Intended for the private contemplation and devotion of its owner, this palm-size ivory diptych illustrates both the reward of salvation and the consequence of damnation. The left wing represents the Coronation of the Virgin. At the bottom a retinue of the saved souls, including a mendicant friar, a king,...

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