Black Catholic Stock Photos

Black Catholic Stock Photos26

Free stock photos of black Catholics.

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Shalone Cason

Archbishop Peter Kairo at Beatification Ceremony (2015, Kenya) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: Archbishop Peter Kairo (centre) from Nyeri diocese blesses ceremonial chalices during a rehersal for Africa's first Roman Catholic beatification ceremony. Final preparations were being made to host thousands of worshippers, officials and visitors who are expected to congregate 23 May for the event in the town of Nyeri approximately...

Shalone Cason

African Priests at the Second World Congress of Divine Mercy (2011, Poland) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: Photo taken during the last day of the Second World Congress of Divine Mercy at the Shrine in Łagiewniki. 🙏🏽Please give proper attribution. "Kapłani z Czarnego Lądu" flickr photo by DrabikPany shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license. Free Download Please give proper...

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