Male Saints Paintings

Male Saints Paintings136

Public domain paintings of Catholic male saints.

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Shalone Cason

Saint Dominic in Penitence (1607) by Filippo Tarchiani - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: Tarchiani transforms a troubling subject—the thirteenth-century founder of the Dominican order flagellating himself—into a serene, meditative composition. With the attention of a still-life painter, he isolates a series of captivating motifs, including the linearity of the altarpiece viewed in profile contrasted with the soft folds of Dominic’...

Shalone Cason

Saint Augustine and Two Angels Adoring the Crucifix (1685–1695) by Giuseppe Passeri - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: One of the most sought-after painters in late 17th-century Rome, Passeri was also a prolific draftsman. The tenderly depicted venerating saint may be identified as Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (340–430), whose miter and crosier are held by two angels, while his numerous writings are represented by the open...

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