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Free downloads of Catholic paintings of female saints in the public domain.

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Shalone Cason

Christ on the Cross Adored by Saints Thomas Aquinas and Catherine of Siena (1490, Italy) by Lorenzo d'Alessandro da San Severino - Public Domain Catholic Painting

About the Image: This is a typical example of the two-sided panels carried in fifteenth-century religious processions. Such objects were regularly handled and exposed to the elements. On one side, the theologian Thomas Aquinas and the mystic Catherine of Siena, who holds the heart that Christ gave to her, flank...

Shalone Cason

Maximian Recoiling at the Sight of the Angel Who Protects Saint Suzanne (1857) by Sébastien Norblin de la Gourdaine - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: The beautiful daughter of Gabinius, a priest, and niece of Pope Caius, Susanna refused Emperor's Diocletian request that she marry his son-in-law, Maximian and converted two of her uncles, Claudius and Maximus who were court officers sent by Diocletian to persuade her to marry, to Christianity. Diocletian was so...

Shalone Cason

Servant of God Mary Elizabeth Lange (2022) by Virginia S. Benedicte - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: Mary Elizabeth Lange, OSP (born Elizabeth Clarisse Lange; c. 1789 – February 3, 1882) was a Black Catholic religious sister who founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the first African-American religious congregation. She was also, via the Oblates, the first-ever African-American Mother Superior. Her cause for her beatification was opened...

Shalone Cason

Saints Kaleb of Axum and Ephigenia (18th Century, Brazil) - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: Kaleb, also known as Saint Elesbaan, was King of Aksum, situated in modern-day Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia. Kaleb invaded Yemen around 520, to overthrow Dhu Nuwas, a Jew who was persecuting the Christian community of Najran. After much fighting, Kaleb's soldiers eventually routed Yusuf's forces. They killed the king,...

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