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Free downloadable Catholic paintings of the Virgin Mary

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Shalone Cason

God the Father expels Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden Stained Glass (2016, Saint Mary Magdelene Church, Greenville, South Carolina, United States) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: God expelled Adam from the Garden of Eden to prevent him from accessing the Tree of Life and living forever in sin[1][2]. God also wanted to teach Adam and Eve that His holiness could not be violated[2]. By expelling Adam, God demonstrated His love and care...

Shalone Cason

Virgin and Child flanked by the Archangels Michael and Gabriel (16th Century, Ethiopia) - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

Details: This large Ethiopian Gospel Book was made in the first half of the sixteenth century and is written in Ge'ez, the traditional liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Containing eleven full-page miniatures, six canon tables, and five elaborately ornamented harags, or headpieces, this manuscript represents the golden age...

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