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Descent into Hades, 18th Century, from Serb-Orthodox Church in Hungary (unknown artist) - Public Domain Byzantine Painting

This icon depicts scenes related to the descent into Hades and the Resurrection, common themes in Eastern Orthodox Christian art used to illustrate biblical stories and theological concepts. The icon is divided into panels showing saints, angels, biblical characters, and events from the Christian narrative. The use of gold and...

Veiled Statue in Saint Benedict's Catholic Church (Chesapeake, Virginia) During Good Friday (2024) - Catholic Stock Photo by Shalone Cason

During Lent, especially on Good Friday, veiled statues in Catholic churches symbolize the mourning and reverence for the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. The practice of veiling statues is a tradition that helps Catholics focus on the solemnity and significance of the Lenten season, particularly during Holy Week leading...

Saint Damian, Saint Pantaleon and Saint Cosmas with four other saints below (unknown date and author) - Public Domain Byzantine Drawing

The woodcut depicts saints as intercessors and models of Christian virtue, emphasizing a communal aspect of sainthood. The top three saints, Saint Damian, Saint Pantaleon, and Saint Cosmas, were all physicians, highlighting their significant roles in Christian hagiography. The woodcut medium played a crucial role in disseminating devotional imagery, especially...

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