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Shalone Cason

Leaf from a Psalter: Initial D: David in Prayer before an Altar and Christ in a Cloud (2 of 2 Excised Leaves) (1270–1280, England) - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

Details: An impressive eight-line initial represents a kneeling David praying before an altar amid stylized topiaries and set against a burnished gold ground. The text introduces Psalm 101: Domine exaudi orationem meam (Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my crying come unto thee). Facial types for the figures are...

Shalone Cason

Prayer Nut with Scenes from the Life of St. James the Greater (1500–1530, Netherlandish) by Adam Dircksz - Catholic Stock Photo

Details: DID YOU KNOW? This miniature masterpiece was held and caressed within the palm of the holder as they prayed and meditated on their faith. What do you use to focus or engage in quiet concentration? DESCRIPTION Prayer nuts or "paternosters" are generally made from boxwood and carved with extreme...

Shalone Cason

Leaf from a Book of Hours: Presentation in the Temple with Roundels of the Casting of Lots, the Deposition, and Pietà (None, Office of the Virgin) (1460–1470) by the follower of Master of Adélaïde de Savoie - Public Domain Illuminated Manuscript

Details: DID YOU KNOW? The images and decorated initials in the book helped users navigate to sections they needed while also offering details to provoke meditation and prayer, leading to books of hours sometimes being referred to as “painted prayers.” DESCRIPTION The style of this miniature, with its oval faces,...

Shalone Cason

Priest Blessing Easter Fire at the Easter Vigil 2023 (Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details This image refers to a religious ceremony called the Easter Vigil, which takes place on the night before Easter Sunday in the Christian tradition. During this ceremony, Catholic priests bless a fire that is used to light candles and lamps in the church. This fire symbolizes the light of...

Shalone Cason

Elevation of the Chalice on Easter Sunday, Latin Mass, 2023 (Saint Benedict's Parish, Chesapeake, Virginia, United States) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details The text refers to a religious ritual called the "Elevation of the Chalice" that takes place on Easter Sunday, which is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The chalice is a cup-shaped vessel used during the Catholic Eucharist, which is a sacrament that commemorates the Last...

Shalone Cason

Consecration and Elevation on Holy Thursday, Latin Mass, 2023 (Saint Benedict's Parish, Chesapeake, Virginia, United States) - Catholic Stock Photo

Details Consecration and Elevation on Holy Thursday refer to two important rituals in the Catholic Church that take place during the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday, which is the Thursday before Easter Sunday.  Consecration refers to the moment during the Mass when the bread and wine are...

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