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A bishop saint (Saint Nicholas?) with Saint Dominic Guzman (?) greeting two monk saints, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers (1811) by Giovanni Battista Paggi - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

The artwork features bishop saints greeting monk saints amidst a crowd of onlookers. The skilled draftsmanship, cross-hatching, and architectural elements contribute to its depth. The drawing likely depicts a religious event, evoking reverence and curiosity. It is attributed to Giovanni Battista Paggi and was created in 1811.  💸Please donate or...

The Virgin with Christ Child enthroned with Saints Peter, Francis, Dominic and John the Baptist; above, the Resurrection of Christ - 1800s Chromolithograph by L. Gruner after G. Sanzio - Public Domain Catholic Painting

This is a chromolithograph from the 1800s, depicting the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child enthroned, accompanied by Saints Peter, Francis, Dominic, and John the Baptist. Additionally, the image features the Resurrection of Christ above. A chromolithograph is a color lithograph produced by using multiple stones or plates, each carrying...

Sketch with the triumph of the Holy Cross for the ceiling of the Royal Palace of Madrid (Around 1763) by Francisco Bayeu y Subías - Public Domain Catholic Painting

"The triumph of the Holy Cross" typically represents a religious scene or allegory symbolizing the victory and exaltation of the cross within Christianity. In this context, it likely refers to an artistic depiction of the cross as a central symbol of the Christian faith, often associated with the...

Blessed Virgin Mary with the Christ Child, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Job, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Antony of Padua, Saint Augustine and Saint Sebastian. (19th century reproduction of Giovanni Bellini) - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

About the Image: The image presented is a color lithograph of a work by the Italian Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini, titled "La Vierge et les Six Saints" (The Virgin and the Six Saints). This particular composition dates to 1516, placing it in the High Renaissance period, which is...

Saint Thomas, Saint James the Less, Saint Philip and Saint Bartholomew. Color lithograph (mid to late 19th century) - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

About the Image: This color lithograph features a group of apostles, specifically Saint Thomas, Saint James the Less, Saint Philip, and Saint Bartholomew. As with the previous lithograph, each apostle is depicted with a halo and holds an attribute that helps in identifying them: Saint Thomas with a builder'...

Saint Matthew, Saint Simon, Saint Jude Thaddeus and Saint Matthias. Color lithograph (mid to late 19th century) - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

About the Image: The image is a color lithograph depicting four apostles: Saint Matthew, Saint Simon, Saint Jude Thaddeus, and Saint Matthias. Each figure is haloed, signifying their sanctity, and holding attributes that are traditionally associated with them, such as the saw and book. The style of the lithograph is...

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