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Garland of Flowers surrounding a Sculpture of the Virgin Mary by Daniel Seghers (Flemish, 1645) - Public Domain Catholic Painting

The image depicts a work of art titled "Garland of Flowers surrounding a Sculpture of the Virgin Mary," created in 1645 by Daniel Seghers, a Flemish artist who lived from 1590 to 1661. Seghers was renowned for his skill in painting intricate floral arrangements, often surrounding religious motifs,...

Double-sided Icon with Scenes from the Life of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints (Ethiopian 18th century) - Public Domain Orthodox Painting

This double-sided triptych icon from Ethiopia is a small-scale painting that would have been used in private devotion. The cylinder at the top of the piece reflects the construction of smaller Ethiopian icons that were suspended from a cord and worn around the neck. When open, the piece displays several...

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