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Free, downloadable public domain Catholic paintings from the Romanticism period.

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The Arts Being Introduced to Germany by Christianity, (1834–1836) by Philipp Veit - Public Domain Catholic Painting

About the Image: In the view of the Nazarene Philipp Veit, who was appointed director of the Städelsches Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt in 1830, the art of the future should be based entirely on the Christian Middle Ages. His fresco, which was transferred to canvas, shows an allegorical representation of the...

Abaelardus and Heloïse surprised by Master Fulbert by Romanticist painter Jean Vignaud (1819) - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Abelard and Heloise's story is significant in Catholic history because they were both devout Christians. Abelard was a theologian and philosopher who challenged traditional Catholic teachings, while Heloise was famous as the most well-educated and intelligent woman in Paris. They became lovers against her uncle's (Fulbert)...

Christ with his favorite disciple John, half-length figures at the table of the Last Supper, above them the Trinity (1874) by Eduard Von Steinle - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Details: The twelve disciples present at the Last Supper were Bartholomew[4], James, son of Alphaeus[4], Andrew[4], Judas Iscariot[4], Peter[4], John[2][3][4], Thomas[4], Philip[4], Matthew[4] and Simon the Zealot[4]. The beloved disciple, commonly identified with John the Evangelist, is mentioned...

Interior of a Cathedral (1820s) by Samuel Prout - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Please Subscribe or Donate [] to Help Keep This Site Free! Samuel Prout’s watercolors of picturesque views and architectural marvels of Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland attracted a wide audience, helped inspire travel, and shaped the English perception of Continental Europe. The influential critic John Ruskin...

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