About the Image:

Silence. The onlooker’s gaze is guided towards the light through a rounded arch. Snow reflects the sun, which casts a dim light onto the church ruin. The atmospheric mise-en-scène appeals to the viewer’s curiosity to find out what is going on. Set in a wintry landscape with a dead tree, the derelict building with its Gothic and Romanic architectural elements is reminiscent of motifs typical for the Dresden Romantics around Caspar David Friedrich. The minute handling of paint shows the influence of Carl Friedrich Lessing, the head of the Düsseldorf School, whom Hasenpflug had met in the 1830s.

About the Artist:

Carl Georg Adolph Hasenpflug, a German artist known for his expertise in landscape painting with a focus on architecture, was born in Berlin. His artworks have been successfully auctioned. Key facts about him include his specialization in landscape painting, particularly in the rendering of architecture.

This image is in the public domain.

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