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Free, downloadable public domain Catholic and Bible paintings from the Rococo period.

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Shalone Cason

The Holy Family with Saints Anne, Joachim, and John the Baptist (1729) by Francesco Trevisani - Public Domain Catholic Painting

Please Subscribe or Donate to Help Keep This Site Free! During the early 1700s, Roman artists returned to fundamental Christian subjects, especially those focused on the Christ child. This work presents the Holy Family with Christ’s maternal grandparents and baby cousin, John the Baptist, stressing the importance of family...

Shalone Cason

Christ in Glory with Saints Celsus, Julian, Marcionilla and Basilissa (1736–1737) by Pompeo Batoni - Public Domain Catholic Painting

In the upper half of this oil study, Christ is depicted in glory surrounded by adoring angels. Looking up at him are four martyr saints: Saints Celsus, Marcionilla, Julian, and Basilissa. Pompeo Batoni made this sketch when he was only twenty-eight, in preparation for his first important commission in Rome....

Shalone Cason

Pope Benedict XIV Presenting the Encyclical "Ex Omnibus" to the Comte de Stainville by Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (1757) - Public Domain Catholic Painting

In 1754, King Louis XV of France sent the comte de Stainville (later duc de Choiseul) to Rome to secure a decision from Pope Benedict XIV about disputes concerning the authority of the French courts, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Jansenists, a Catholic sect. The result was an encyclical,...

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