This is a photo of Pope Pius XII in papal regalia including the triregnum, falda and the mantum, while being carried on the sedia gestatoria and flanked by the flabellum

The triregnum is a headgear with three crowns or levels, also called the triple tiara or triple crown. Paul VI used it on 30 June 1963 at his coronation, but abandoned its use later. None of his successors have used it.

The Falda—a particular papal vestment which forms a long skirt extending beneath the hem of the alb. The skirts of the falda were so long that the pope had train-bearers both in front and in back whenever he walked.

The Mantum—a very long cope worn only by the pope. Originally, it was red in color, but later was made to correspond to the liturgical colors.

The Sedia gestatoria, a portable throne or armchair carried by twelve footmen (palafrenieri) in red uniforms was accompanied by two attendants bearing the flabella, large ceremonial fans made of white ostrich-feathers. The sedia gestatoria was used for the Pope's solemn entrance into a church or hall and for his departure on the occasion of liturgical celebrations such as a papal Mass and for papal audiences. The use of the flabella was discontinued by Pope Paul VI, and that of the sedia gestatoria by Pope John Paul II.


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