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God the Father Coloring Pages6

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Shalone Cason

God the Father Supported by Angels in Clouds (1759) by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo - Catholic Coloring Page

Details: For about a thousand years, in obedience to interpretations of specific Bible passages, pictorial depictions of God in Western Christianity had been avoided by Christian artists. At first only the Hand of God, often emerging from a cloud, was portrayed. Gradually, portrayals of the head and later the whole...

Shalone Cason

The Emperor Maximilian Presented by His Patron Saints to the Almighty (1519) by Hans Springinklee - Catholic Coloring Page

Details This scene was designed by the court historian and astronomer Johannes Stabius (1450–1522) shortly after Maximilian’s death in 1519. The print shows holy Roman emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519) kneeling before God. Maximilian is wearing the imperial crown and a robe which is decorated with jewels and the...

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