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Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary - La Naval de Manila (Spanish: Nuestra Señora del Santísimo Rosario - La Naval de Manila; Tagalog: Mahal na Ina ng Santo Rosaryo ng La Naval de Manila; commonly known as Our Lady of La Naval de Manila, Santo Rosario, or La Gran Señora de Filipinas) is a venerated title of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with the same image in the Philippines.

Filipino Catholics claim that the Virgin's intercession under this title helped successfully repulse invading forces of the Protestant Dutch Republic during the Battles of La Naval de Manila in 1646, in a fashion similar to the Battle of Lepanto of 1571. Pious believers also credit the Virgin through the icon with maintaining the Catholic faith in Philippines, which has the religious moniker "El Pueblo Amante de María" ("The Nation in Love with Mary").

Pope Pius X granted the image a canonical coronation on 5 October 1907. The Philippine government in 2009 designated the icon and its shrine as a National Cultural Treasure, making it one of the country's Cultural Properties.


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Image by - CC BY-SA 4.0

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