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Shalone Cason

Behold the Handmaid: A Classic Catholic Comic Book Reprint

I love comic books and graphic novels! I made a whole page about my favorite Bible comic books []. However, one of the things I noticed about comics, is that there aren't many Catholic comics out there nowadays. There are a few, and I commend the people...

Shalone Cason

Top 5 Bible Comics

Reading the Bible is one of the most important ways to experience the Word of God. Bible comics can help visually oriented people experience the Faith in a whole new way. This is a list of my favorite Bible comics.

Shalone Cason

Black vs. African-American (Why I Prefer the term Black)

There's nothing wrong with the term African-American, but it's imprecise language. I am not from Africa, nor do I know of any African descendants in my family. First and foremost, call me by my name. But if all else fails, call me black, because my skin is dark. That's simple enough, right?

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