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About Bad People in the Catholic Church

So, I've been hearing about priests abusing kids and the Vatican wasting charitable funds. But If the church is holy...why are there so many bad people in the church?
Just like any other organization, the church is made of humans. And we all know that people aren't perfect. We make mistakes. We get upset. We say things we don't really mean. In other words, people are flawed. And just because people serve God that doesn't mean God will magically make them perfect. 
But can a bad priest still give the Sacraments?
Yep. Even if a priest is a bad person, he can still baptize a baby or forgive our sins in confession. Because it is not by his power that he gives sacraments, but by Jesus Christ's power. The faithful should not suffer for the sins of a priest. Just as a child should not suffer for the sins of their parents. It's only fair. 
Do you have any examples of people who sinned but still received grace from God?
Absolutely! A good example is Judas. Judas betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of silver. But even before he betrayed Jesus He was still lying and stealing. Jesus knew this, yet He gave him the power to heal people anyway. Similarly, Peter denied Jesus three times! He ran away. He couldn't even bear to be near Jesus when he hung on the cross like John and the Blessed Virgin. Nonetheless, Jesus still made Peter the first Pope, the highest position in the Church, underneath Christ of course.
So...wait...why are there bad people in the church again?
There are bad people in the Church Because becoming a saint takes a long, long time. In between now and sainthood, people are going to make mistakes. They are going to sin. And they are going to fall down. And unfortunately, some people are just plain bad and don't care.
So how do we know who is really bad and who is trying to become a saint?
Well, that's a tough question to answer. Really, only God knows for sure. Of course, we can objectively say, "hey, what that guy or gal did was wrong" but we can't know why? So, we should first focus on being as good as we possibly can, and then remember that it's not our job to point fingers and judge others, but to pray for them and help them on their way to heaven instead. Remember, some of the greatest saints were terrible sinners. 

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