The crucified Christ is both the most popular and powerful image in the Catholic Church. It sits upon every altar where the Mass is said[1] because the Catholic Church requires that a crucifix be visible during the celebration of Mass. This reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus on the altar of the cross[5]. For Catholics, the death of Jesus on the Cross is a key event within faith history. 

Marcellus Coffermans was a Flemish Renaissance painter born in Helmond. He is known for religious works and copies after other painters[1]. He taught his daughter Isabella, who also became a painter. Coffermans died in Antwerp[1][2]. Coffermans was active in Antwerp from about 1549 to 1575. His work is often inspired by early Netherlandish masters such as Rogier van der Weyden and Jheronimus Bosch[3].

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