Female Saints Drawings

Female Saints Drawings6

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Blessed Virgin Mary with the Christ Child, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Job, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Antony of Padua, Saint Augustine and Saint Sebastian. (19th century reproduction of Giovanni Bellini) - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

About the Image: The image presented is a color lithograph of a work by the Italian Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini, titled "La Vierge et les Six Saints" (The Virgin and the Six Saints). This particular composition dates to 1516, placing it in the High Renaissance period, which is...

Saint George and Various Saints Colored Etching with Embossed Border (19th century, German) - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

About the Image: The image is a colored etching with an embossed border, featuring a collection of Christian saints, with Saint George at the center surrounded by Saint Antony of Padua, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Saint Peter the Apostle, Saint Philomena, Saint Anne, Saint Barbara, Saint John the Baptist, and...

Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin) with the Christ Child, and Saint Roch, as Protectors Against Earthquakes (1800-1899) - Public Domain Catholic Drawing

About the Image: The image is an engraving from the 19th century, as indicated by the date range you’ve mentioned (1800-1899). The engraving features the Virgin Mary, known as the Blessed Virgin, holding the Christ Child, with two saintly figures, one of which is identified as Saint Roch, recognizable...

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