Saint Vincent was born at Valencia in Spain on January 23, 1357. In the year 1374, he entered the Order of St. Dominic in a monastery near his native city. Soon after his profession he was commissioned to deliver lectures on philosophy. He refused all ecclesiastical dignities, even the cardinal's hat, and only craved to be appointed apostolical missionary. He became one of the most famous missionaries in the fourteenth century. He evangelized nearly every province of Spain, and preached in France, Italy, Germany, Flanders, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Numerous conversions followed his preaching, which God Himself assisted by the gift of miracles.


We commonly celebrate many great saints who worked miracles such as instantly curing those near death, giving cripples the ability to walk, perhaps giving sight to a blind person, or even maybe raising a recently dead person back to life. These are truly wondrous events worthy of veneration, but such miracles were common place for St Vincent Ferrer. For example, St. Antoninus affirmed that twenty-eight persons were raised from death by St Vincent, but that this number did not represent the total number, which was much greater. Near the town of Conflans during August 1415, he fed 4,000 men, not counting women and children, with seven loaves and a few fishes. Near Palma of Majorca St. Vincent Ferrer stilled a storm in order to preach from a wharf. At Beziers he stopped a flood. He could cast out demons with a word or a touch. People heard him in their own local language though he spoke his native Spanish dialect. Yet, the aforementioned does not cover all of the extraordinary gifts he was given.


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