The image refers to the Pascal Candle, which is a large candle used in the Christian liturgical celebration of the Easter Vigil. The candle is typically made of beeswax and is adorned with various symbols and designs, such as the cross, alpha and omega symbols, and the year of the current liturgical cycle. 

The Pascal Candle is lit during the Easter Vigil service, which takes place on the night before Easter Sunday. The candle is first blessed and then lit from the new fire, which is also blessed during the service. The candle is then carried into the darkened church, symbolizing the light of Christ entering the world.

The term "Pascal" comes from the Latin word "Pascha," which means "Passover." This reflects the connection between the Easter celebration and the Jewish Passover, which was also celebrated at this time of year.

Overall, the Pascal Candle serves as an important symbol of Christ's resurrection and the triumph of light over darkness.


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