The image relates to a religious ceremony called the Easter Vigil, which takes place on the night before Easter Sunday. The ceremony involves a Liturgy of the Word, which is a part of the Catholic Mass that focuses on readings from the Bible. 

The Easter Vigil is traditionally held after sundown and begins with the lighting of a fire, which symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. From this fire, a large candle called the Paschal candle is lit, and its flame is used to light smaller candles held by members of the congregation. 

The Candlelit Liturgy of the Word refers to the portion of the Easter Vigil where several readings from the Bible are recited, including passages from the Old Testament and the Gospel. The readings are accompanied by prayers and hymns, and they tell the story of salvation history leading up to the resurrection of Jesus. 

Overall, the Easter Vigil is an important and symbolic ceremony for Christians, particularly Catholics, as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus and celebrates the hope and renewal that it brings.


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