May God shine His light on us this wonderful Wednesday! Things are quite chaotic out in the world, but Christ gives the peace that surpasses all understanding. Don't forget to ask Christ for His peace constantly. You can't go wrong there. Politics, culture, and even society will all fade away eventually. Christ remains. What's good, beautiful, and true remains. Continue to reach for the truth and beauty with mental prayer and eternal life is your sure reward.

Here are today's prayers. God bless and stay holy ☦️

Let Him Defend You - Daily Mental Prayer
A meditation on trust in Christ by Saint Ambrose. Read more...
St. Theophilus - July 22
A meditation and prayer on St. Theophilus who was martyred by Muslims for his faith.
“The near occasions of sin may easily lead us into sin.”
A short meditation on a quote from the Baltimore Catechism. Read more...
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