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This painting, "Jesus among the Doctors," attributed to the Master of Mondsee, dates back to around 1500. It belongs to the Late Gothic period, specifically within the Northern Renaissance that swept through Europe at the time. The artwork is remarkable for its meticulous detail and use of vivid color, which is characteristic of Northern Renaissance paintings.

The scene depicted is a traditional biblical narrative where a young Jesus is shown engaging with the elders and scholars in the temple, a testament to his precocious wisdom. The figures are rendered with significant attention to their attire and expressions, suggesting individual personalities and reactions to the event unfolding. The artist has used linear perspective to create depth in the architectural setting, which was a relatively new technique at the time, showing the influence of the Italian Renaissance.

The color palette is rich with deep reds, greens, and blues, and the use of gold indicates the painting may have been intended for a wealthy patron. The clothing of the figures, with its detailed folds and shadows, showcases the artist's skill in depicting luxurious fabrics and textures. This painting is a fine example of the synthesis of Gothic tradition and the emerging Renaissance style, capturing a moment of intellectual and theological significance with both artistic finesse and devotional clarity.

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