The Holy Family has been a popular theme in Christian art since the 14th century[1]. It is typically represented as the Virgin Mary, Jesus and St. Joseph[1], although other versions such as the Holy Family with St. Anne or with St. Francis have also been popular[1]. There are many different types of artwork depicting the Holy Family, including paintings, plaques, prints and framed art[2][3]. There are also many famous paintings of the Holy Family, such as 'Holy Family and Donors' by Carpaccio, 'Christ in the House of His Parents' by William Holman Hunt and 'The Nativity' by Raphael[4][5].

Eduard Von Steinle (1810-1886) was an Austrian artist and member of the Nazarene movement[1]. He was a painter and printmaker, known for his works depicting scenes from the life of Christ[2][3].

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