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These are pages from Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact, which was a bi-monthly, school-year magazine by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society that ran from 1946 to 1972. Treasure Chest featured stories for Catholics that included religious subjects, American history, crossword puzzles, funny comics, and original fiction stories (including their longest running series, Chuck White). The magazine was only sold on a subscription basis to Catholic schools and was not featured on newsstands, which was the common way to sell comic magazines at the time.

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Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, commemorates man's redemption through Christ's death on the cross. It is called "holy" because it is the time when the church re-enacts the most sacred mysteries of our religion.
Holy, or Maundy, Thursday is a joyous feast commemorating the institution of the Holy Eucharist. On this day only one mass is celebrated in each church. 
In cathedrals, the bishop blesses the three holy oils.
After mass the Holy Eucharist is taken from the main altar and carried in procession to a special repository for public veneration by the faithful. Later, the main altar is stripped of its ornaments and altar cloths to recall Christ's being stripped of His garments.
The washing of the feet, which is performed by the bishop in some churches on this day, commemorates Christ's washing the feet of the Apostles at the Last Supper. This ceremony is called the "Mandatum" or "Maundy."
Good Friday recalls Christ's passion and death.
The Good Friday service begins with the reading of prayers and passages from the scripture including St. John's account of Our Lord's passion.
The crucifix is unveiled for the veneration of the clergy and the faithful.
The mass of the pre-sanctified is a special ceremony for Good Friday. It is not really a mass, since there is no consecration. The priest consumes a host consecrated on Holy Thursday.
Holy Saturday recalls Christ's burial and inaugurates the celebration of the great feast of Easter. New fire is blessed in honor of Christ the Light of the World. During the blessing of the baptismal font, the priest also blesses Easter water for the use of the faithful during Easter season. The Paschal Candle symbolizes Our Lord. In it are placed five blessed grains of incense to represent Our Savior's wounds.
The mass of the Resurrection offered on Holy Saturday begins the joyous celebration of Easter.

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