This is a French trading card for Véritable Extrait de viande Liebig (Real Liebig Meat Extract) that depicts Albertus Magnus, an alchemist of the 13th century. The image shows one main figure in a laboratory, the central figure is depicted on one knee in front of a vessel releasing steam, and there is a circular inset of Magnus on the right side. The front of the card explains that the Liebig Meat Extract represents what is best and most precious in meat, and that Albertus Magnus was highly regarded by his contemporaries for his work in natural philosophy and chemistry. The back of the card explains that replacing expensive meat with something equivalent is the wish of every thrifty housewife, and that if commodities are actually cheaper to replace the meat, it is necessary to add the elements extraction meat as found under the most worst. The card also provides a brief biography of Albertus Magnus, who was known for his contributions to natural sciences and chemistry, and who found the first method for separating gold from silver and other materials.

This image is in the public domain.

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