The Priesthood


#5. The church has different rules for priests in the Latin Church and in the Eastern Catholic Churches

Notably, priests in the Latin Church must take a vow of celibacy, whereas most Eastern Catholic Churches permit married men to be ordained. Deacons are male and usually belong to the diocesan clergy, but, unlike almost all Latin Church (Western Catholic) priests and all bishops from Eastern or Western Catholicism, they may marry as laymen before their ordination as clergy.

Mass at Oxford Oratory (2010) - Catholic Stock Photo
Details:The Oxford Oratory Church of St Aloysius Gonzaga (or Oxford Oratory for short) is the Catholic parish church for the centre of Oxford, England. It is located at 25 Woodstock Road, next to Somerville College. The church is served by the Congregation of the Oratory. St Aloysius’ was founded

#4. Catholic priests represent the person of Christ.

The Catholic Church teaches that when a man participates in priesthood after the Sacrament of Holy Orders, he acts in persona Christi Capitis, representing the person of Christ.

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Please Subscribe or Donate to Help Keep This Site Free! Solemn Mass (also known as a Solemn High Mass), is the full ceremonial form of the Tridentine Mass, celebrated by a priest with a deacon and a subdeacon, requiring most of the parts of the Mass to be sung, and

#3. According to the Annuario Pontificio 2016, as of December 31, 2014, there were 415,792 Catholic priests worldwide.

Bishop and Priests at Chrism Latin Mass (Oxford) - Catholic Stock Photo
Please Subscribe or Donate to Help Keep This Site Free! The Chrism Mass is a religious service held in Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Anglicanism. The Chrism Mass is one of the most solemn and important liturgies of the Church year. Holy Thursday is the usual day in which this mass

#2. A priest of the regular clergy is commonly addressed with the title "Father" (contracted to Fr, in the Catholic Church).

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Please Subscribe or Donate to Help Keep This Site Free! The Eastern Catholic Churches or Oriental Catholic Churches, also called the Eastern-rite Catholic Churches, Eastern Rite Catholicism, or simply the Eastern Churches and in some historical cases referred to as Uniates, are twenty-three Easte…

#1. Catholic monks can become deacons, priests, and bishops as well.

The male members of religious orders, whether living in monastic communities or cloistered in isolation, and who are ordained priests or deacons constitute what is called the religious or regular clergy, distinct from the diocesan or secular clergy. Those ordained priests or deacons who are not members of some sort of religious order (secular priests) most often serve as clergy to a specific church or in an office of a specific diocese or in Rome.

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Please Subscribe or Donate to Help Keep This Site Free! ROME, VATICAN 27 April: Images from the Canonization of Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II by Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. This event, attended by millions is amongst the most important in current history. Free Downloads Below

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