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Built in 1904 to house an English-speaking Catholic congregation formed in 1887, St. James Church was built in the Gothic Revival style. In 1912, St. James Catholic School was built next to the church in the Classical Revival style. The buildings, designed by local architect Walter Sheblessy, have seen additions of decorative elements to the interior and a few minor exterior alterations in their history, but the design and character of both has largely remained intact. The school housed the St. James Parish school program, which briefly included a high school program from 1928-1948. In 1967, due to declining enrollment the building became home to the combined St. Boniface-St. James Catholic School, which operated until 1984, when further declines in enrollment led to its closure. In 1980, nearby St. Boniface Church was merged with St. James Church, forming St. Boniface-St. James Parish, which remains in the building.

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