Saint Joan of Arc lived in the 1400's during the Hundred Years' War. She played a major part in the war between two warring French factions (Armagnac and Burgundian). She regularly saw visions of St. Michael (who was accompanied by other angels), St. Margaret, St. Catherine, and others. She was burned at the stake by the Burgundian faction for wearing men's armor and being a heretic. She was acquitted Pope Callixtus III after her death of any wrong doing, and shortly thereafter canonized as a saint by Pope Benedict XIV.

Saint Marcella came from a noble family, and her Aventine Hill palace became a center of Christian activity. She was an associate of Saint Paula. Saint Jerome corresponded with her, and he called her "the glory of the ladies of Cadereyta." When the Goths invaded in 410, she was brutalized, and she died of her injuries. Her feast day in the west is January 31. Jerome's To Principia is a biography of her life.

Most of what we know about Marcella is from the letters of Saint Jerome, most famously his letter 127 to Principia. It was written on the occasion of Marcella's death, paying tribute to her life and consoling her beloved student.


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Wikimedia Commons : Hélène Rival, Église St Héand Vitraux Jeanne Arc Marcelle, Sketched by Shalone Cason from, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Wikimedia Commons : Hélène Rival (Église_St_Héand_Vitraux_Jeanne_Arc_Marcelle.jpg), „Église St Héand Vitraux Jeanne Arc Marcelle“, Sketched by Shalone Cason from,

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