About the Image:

This color lithograph features a group of apostles, specifically Saint Thomas, Saint James the Less, Saint Philip, and Saint Bartholomew. As with the previous lithograph, each apostle is depicted with a halo and holds an attribute that helps in identifying them: Saint Thomas with a builder's square, Saint James the Less with a fuller's club, Saint Philip with a cross, and Saint Bartholomew with a knife, which is his traditional attribute referencing his martyrdom.

The text below each figure appears to be in French, providing an indication that the lithograph could be from a French-speaking region. The ornate script and styling suggest it could have been created as a form of religious educational material or devotional imagery.

Considering the characteristics of the color lithography technique and the style of the artwork, it is likely from the 19th century when lithography became a popular method for reproducing artworks due to its ability to create vibrant colors and detailed images. Lithography was invented at the end of the 18th century but achieved widespread commercial and artistic use throughout the 19th century.

This image is in the public domain.

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