Palm Sunday in the Byzantine Ruthenian tradition is a significant day that marks the beginning of Holy Week. It commemorates Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where the crowds welcomed Him with palm branches, shouting "Hosanna!" This day is also known as "Willow Sunday" in the Ruthenian tradition, where willow branches are used instead of palm branches due to the regional availability.

The Byzantine Ruthenian tradition observes Palm Sunday with solemnity and joy, emphasizing the significance of Christ's entry into Jerusalem and the anticipation of His Passion. The faithful participate in liturgical services that include the blessing of willow branches or palm branches, processions, and the reading of Gospel passages related to Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

Overall, Palm Sunday in the Byzantine Ruthenian tradition serves as a meaningful start to Holy Week, leading up to the commemoration of Christ's Passion, death, and resurrection.

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