Happy Friday! Welcome to another weekend. Make sure you get some rest and spend some time with Our Blessed Lord. Do not stress so much about the news. In fact, detox from the news for the weekend. You won't miss anything, and you will feel less anxious. Read the Bible or pray more instead. This website has many prayers you can use as a starting point. So browse around.

Also, I'm working on a mental prayer magazine. It will come out either monthly or bi-monthly and cost $10. It will have 31 mental prayers and 10 adult coloring pages. So if you're into analog things—such as books and magazines—and want a way to enjoy mental prayer offline, leave me a reply to this email to let me know if you like the idea of a magazine.

Without further ado here are the mental prayers!

God bless and until next time...stay holy my friend ☦️

Do Penance - Daily Mental Prayer
A meditation and prayer on a quote from the gospel of Matthew.
Blessed Maria Mercedes Prat - July 24
A biography and meditation on Blessed Maria who was sentenced to death in 1936 by the communist government in Spain.
“Do everything in the name of Christ”
A short meditation on a quote from the Baltimore Catechism.
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