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Timeline of the Catholic Church Ep. 005 - AD 100 to AD 155
Today we talk about Ignatius of Antioch, three early church heresies (Marcionism, Gnosticism, and Montanism), and Justin Martyr’s First Apology.
Divine Simplicity - Daily Mental Prayer
In this mental prayer, we meditate on God’s Divine nature and how that affects our lives.
Who are the Oblate Sisters of Providence? (Black Catholic History)
The Oblate Sisters of Providence is a Roman Catholic women’s religious institute, founded by Mother Mary Lange. It was the first permanent community of Roman Catholic sisters of African descent in the United States.
A Short History of the Catholic Church in Africa
Christian activity in Africa began in the 1st century when the Patriarchate of Alexandria in Egypt was formed as one of the four original Patriarchs of the East. Currently there are over 150 million Catholics in Africa and 10% of all Catholic Cardinals are African.
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