The Carolingian Crypt is a historical site located beneath the Abbey of Saint-Denis in France. It was built in the 9th century during the reign of Charlemagne, who was a devout Catholic and one of the most important rulers of the early medieval period. The crypt served as a burial place for members of the Carolingian dynasty, including Charlemagne himself, as well as his son Louis the Pious and grandson Charles the Bald. The site is significant for its architectural and historical importance, as well as for its association with the Catholic Church and the Carolingian dynasty. The crypt is also notable for its collection of medieval art and artifacts, including sculptures, frescoes, and reliquaries.

Please Give Proper Attribution ~ By Guilhem Vellut from Paris, France - Underground crypt @ Basilique de Saint-Denis @ Saint-Denis, CC BY 2.0

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