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What is Canonization? Canonization is simply the process of recognizing people who have lived heroically virtuous lives, and elevating them so that Catholics all over the world may freely celebrate and honor them.

  • Servant of God. The first step in canonization. The research is done and presented to the Vatican
  • Venerable: A candidate for sainthood who has, according to the pope, exercised heroic virtue. The second step in canonization
  • Blessed: A candidate for sainthood who is proclaimed saved and in heaven. They were either martyred or God granted a miracle through their intercession. The third step in canonization.
  • Saint: Someone who, according to the Church, is certainly in heaven experiencing the Beatific Vision. God has granted two miracles through their intercession. Each saint is assigned a feast day and churches and schools can be named in their honor.

Cardinal: a bishop of the Catholic Church with special authority from the pope. Cardinals were from a very early period, assistants of the pope in his liturgical functions, in the care of the poor, the administration of papal finances and possessions, and the synodal disposition of important matters. Cardinals are especially important because they select the next pope from their ranks after a pope dies.

Abbot: An abbot is the title given to the superior of a community of twelve or more monks. Abbots are in charge of a monastery and control the monastery's possessions, discipline of the monks, and gives blessings.