The "Parable of the Sower and Seeds" is a story told by Jesus in the Bible. In this parable, a farmer goes out to sow seeds in his field. Some of the seeds fall on the path and are eaten by birds, some fall on rocky ground and wither away because they have no roots, some fall among thorns and are choked out, and some fall on good soil and produce a bountiful crop. Jesus explains that the seeds represent the word of God and the different types of soil represent different types of people who hear the word. The path represents those who hear but do not understand and the birds represent Satan who takes away the word. The rocky ground represents those who receive the word with joy but have no root and fall away when faced with trials. The thorns represent those who hear the word but are choked out by the cares and riches of this world. The good soil represents those who hear the word, understand it, and produce a fruitful life. This parable is often used to teach about the importance of having a receptive heart to God's word.

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Image By Jörg Blobelt - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
Image By Jörg Blobelt - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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