First off, thank you to everyone who has joined me on this streaming and podcasting journey. I am not quitting. No way. I did take a long break and sorry for that, but I had to get my ducks in a row. Now that I have everything working the way I like, and I have started making new videos, I've realized something...

I love biographies and you all seem to love them too. I looked at my numbers. Everywhere online, people are watching my biography videos. They aren't just watching them, they are watching them ten times more often than they are watching mental prayer videos!

I know some of you joined up specifically for mental prayer. And this will be a sad announcement for you. Well...because I am moving away from mental prayer. But there is good news as well. I am going to be making many more biographies and that is going to be the new focus for my show. In fact, I will have a podcast up later today that explains exactly why I love biographies so much. And like I said before, the numbers of listeners clearly shows a trend. People love my biographies.

So just to reiterate. I am cancelling the mental prayer episodes for now. However, there are over a hundred old episodes that you can check out whenever you need. I am moving towards making many more biographies and I will continue making the Church history series. So, you can expect a biography episode Monday thru Friday. And you can expect one Church history episode each Saturday.

And that's it. I hope you continue to enjoy the content I'm making and of course I hope you stay holy. Until next time...God bless +

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