The collegiate church at La Granja, Segovia, once featured a dome adorned with scenes from the Old and New Testament, which were unfortunately destroyed in 1918. These scenes were intended to glorify the Holy Trinity. One of the segments depicted God reprimanding Adam and Eve for disobeying him, while an angel announced to Abraham that his barren wife would bear a child.

The artistic style of the sketch reflects a noble simplicity in the poses and emotions depicted, which is indicative of the influence of Anton Raphael Mengs. Mengs was known for his neoclassical approach to art, and his influence can be seen in the sculptural modeling of the figures in this particular segment of the dome.

The artist responsible for the sketch, Bayeu, was evidently influenced by Mengs in his approach to portraying the figures in a manner that conveyed both grace and emotional depth. This suggests a deliberate effort to align with the neoclassical aesthetic championed by Mengs.

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Adam and Eve reprimanded for their Sin - The Collection
Sketch for one of the eight segments of the dome of the collegiate church at La Granja, Segovia. These Old and New Testament scenes (destroyed in 1918) glorified the Holy Trinity. God reprimands Adam and Eve for disobeying him, while an angel announces to Abraham that his barren wife will bear a child.
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